Available Puppies

Available Puppies

We will update this page with current litters when we are ready to take deposits on puppies. Members of our waitlist who may be a potential match for a litter will also be contacted.


11/25/22 - We are finalizing homes for puppies! We have Intermediate and small size Standard litters. expected. We are getting our list together and scheduling phone screenings.

If you are interested in potentially getting a pup from one of these litters please fill out our application and we will contact you for a phone screening. If you have any questions before filling out the application, please send us a message (Facebook Messenger or text is good).

We are taking waitlist deposits for our next 2 Standard litters….

We are going to doing something a little different than we usually do. We typically do not take deposits until we have puppies and do not typically take deposits to be on our waitlist. We are trying to find a happy medium between not keeping a waitlist and keeping one without creating more work on this end. So, here we are… we are going to do a waitlist for our next 2 standard litters in hopes of this working out best on both ends. We will still require screening to be on the waitlist but appreciate the commitment on your end of time, research and a small deposit.

Upcoming Breedings:

This will be Farrah's final litter

Farrah/ Diesel- Currently in heat. Best estimate for a go home date for puppies would be beginning of April.

Godiva/ TBD-We haven’t finalized that decision -Estimate on go home is early summer.

If we have already spoken and approved you to be on our waitlist, send us a message. If we have not spoken yet, make sure you have filled out an application, you can do that here. Please make a note on your application that you would like to be on the list for one of these breedings. We will then set up a time to talk with you. We will be requiring half of our standard deposit, the other half due once puppies are born. Your deposit can be moved from one litter to the next provided there is space.

Absolutely no person will be placed on our waitlist without screening.

ALL of our dogs/puppies are placed based on temperament before anything else. If you prefer to get a dog solely based upon appearance, we kindly suggest you look elsewhere.

Intermediate Puppies

Intermediate Puppies

November 4, 2022