How does the “picking out a puppy” process work?

When you fill out an application and have the corresponding phone screening, we will discuss with you what you are looking for, and what your household and lifestyle is like. From there we can discuss what we feel would be a good fit for you as far as temperament, size, etc. Once we have a pup available that we feel would be a good match we will let you know.

How do you raise your pups? What do you expose them to?

We have a program that we use with all of our pups. It involves weekly assessments to see what each pup could benefit from at that stage. We expose all of the pups to as much various stimuli at age appropriate times to instill confidence and promote mental stimulation. For more info, please read our page about raising puppies.

Do you breed to maintain the primitive nature?

Yes! We believe that to be a good Breeder your goal should be to maintain the trueness of the breed and improve, not alter the breed.

How many litters do you have each year?

That can vary from year to year. This would depend upon multiple factors, we do breeding only at appropriate times for the dogs in our pack.

Do you offer a health guarantee on your pups?

YES! All of our pups are placed with a contract that includes a health guarantee.

What if I have training, health or other Xolo questions after I bring my pup home, or a few months or years later?

We are always here to help you and your Xolo, you and your Xolo will always have our support.

Is there a difference in the temperament of the Xolos from different Breeders?

Temperaments can vary quite a bit with various kennels, just like any other breed. Please make sure the Breeder you purchase from is producing Xolos with qualities you are looking for.

Do I need to apply sunscreen to my Xolo?

You should not need any sunscreen on your dog unless there is white on them. If they have any white on the nose or toes I would put it only on those spots, otherwise you will find that your Xolo tans better than you ever will;) Sunscreen is a great pore clogger and most sunscreens will cause your dog to break out. You will also need to be careful as many sunscreens have ingredients that are toxic to dogs.

Is there a difference in temperaments between the nakeds and the coateds?

There is a difference in personality from one Xolo to the next, whether coated or hairless.

Are there differences in temperament/personalities in the different sizes?

Yes there can be, some can be attributed to the personalities of the sizes, some is attributed to an individual Breeders lines.

Key Training FAQ's

Remember, 2 of the most important things for a young Xolo- CONSISTENCY is very important as you raise your Xolo. They will test their boundaries just like a child.

EXPOSURE to as many different places, people, surfaces, noises etc as possible. Don’t ever try to make your home quiet and calm because you think your Xolo needs it. They will do best not to be sheltered from reality. A Xolo that is well exposed will not react and have a meltdown to the chaos; they may startle at a loud noise but will be capable of recovering on their own. They will feed off your reaction also.

If you have any questions, please know that you are not a bother! We are here for you and your pup for life! Even if we can’t answer immediately, we will answer, it just gets busy sometimes. Don’t be afraid to send your questions even if you think they are silly or stupid.